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Founded in 1996 by former White House Radio Director Richard Strauss, Strauss Media Strategies, Inc. has evolved from one person’s bold entrepreneurial dream, to become the nation’s premier public relations, communications and strategy firm, specializing in radio and television.

As the number of clients and projects has grown with our success, Strauss Media Strategies has aggressively expanded its facilities and staff. In 2007 we opened a new office in New York City and in 2008 we nearly doubled the size of our headquarters office located in the National Press Building in Washington, DC.

In December, 2012, to reflect the firm's epanding services, including television satellite media tours and television ground tours, the firm officially changed its name from the original name of Strauss Radio Strategies to the company's current Strauss Media Strategies name.

Proudly celebrating our 26th anniversary in 2023, through the years, our company's philosophy and focus has remained the same.  We don’t approach radio and television as an “add-on” or sideline to other core PR efforts.  At Strauss Media Strategies we are specialists in both radio and television. Our staff is made up of experts in the nuance and landscape of radio and television.  Many members of our staff have been drawn from the ranks of the broadcast industry.

This insider perspective, backed by more than a decade of performance excellence, means that Strauss Media Strategies is positioned to put the very best contacts in the radio and television PR industry to work for you in your radio and television outreach efforts.

Strauss Media Strategies, Inc.
National Press Building
529 14th Street, NW, Suite 1163
Washington, DC 20045
[P] (202) 638-0200
[F] (202) 638-0400
[E] info@straussmedia.com
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Carrie Engel

Communications Coordinator, National Geographic Society
"I just got back from a meeting with our vice president of sales for National Geographic Society books and he let us know that a Barnes & Noble in Salt Lake City recently purchased 201 copies of Life in Color to sell in their stores. He specifically cited the radio tour for what caused this increase in sales so I wanted to let you know what a great job your team at Strauss Media Strategies did and how much we appreciate the help from your team. A purchase like that in a time when books are dying (especially during the holiday season when they are overrun with gift books) is amazing!"
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