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A key component to many successful video and multimedia campaigns is the inclusion of a Bites and B-Roll package.

This package, which can include any number of video and audio elements, can help illustrate your message and provide context for your overall campaign. Often, a Bites and B-Roll package is created and produced to support broadcast interviews, such as those that take place during an SMT or as part of a Ground Tour, but a properly produced and pitched package may sometimes be pitched on its own in order to allow reporters and producers to create news packages based solely on the footage provided. In fact, packaging video sound bites is a great way to distribute footage of celebrities or other individuals who cannot be made available for multiple interview opportunities.

Strauss Media Strategies can produce a b-roll package custom tailored to the needs of any client. The final product generally consists of footage related to the subject matter that is shot by a professional video team, sometimes incorporating stock footage of logos, products, etc. We will work directly with the client to develop the concept, and a full production team under the direction of a professional video producer will assemble relevant video footage that is then edited into a finished b-roll package. Sound bites from an interview Strauss Media would conduct or from a specific live event could be included in the b-roll package, depending on the needs and goals of the client.

Please contact us to schedule a Bites and B-Roll Package distribution.

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