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Strauss Media Strategies, Inc. has extensive technical experience working with stations setting up live remote broadcasts. While working at the White House, Strauss Media Strategies President, Richard Strauss set up the first-ever White House radio row that brought 60 stations to broadcast on the White House North Lawn.

Additionally, at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago (1996), Strauss Media worked with more than 30 shows from throughout the country that broadcast their shows live from inside the United Center. Strauss Media Strategies is fully knowledgeable of Switch 56, ISDN, COMREX, and satellite audio technologies. SRS has also set up live remote broadcast operations for the Children’s Defense Fund in Los Angeles, for Nike, Inc. in Cape Town, South Africa, for The March to Conquer Cancer in Washington, DC, and for the General Mills Wheaties 75th Anniversary at the All Star Café in New York City, to name only a few.

Strauss Media Strategies can invite shows to broadcast live at the conference site. We work to set up workstations (makeshift studios) for the program on four tables (assuming not all programs will broadcast at the same time). Workstations include headphones, microphones, telephones, as well as special equipment needed to produce a quality radio broadcast.

Strauss Media Strategies can pitch reporters for on-site coverage. Strauss Media Strategies can also work to coordinate invitations and logistics to top radio reporters. These reporters will be from national news networks and major radio outlets in major media markets and will file reports about the latest developments at on-site events. See more about this type of coverage.

Please contact us to schedule a Live Remote Broadcast.

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Harold Ickes

Former Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff
"I have known Richard Strauss for almost ten years. He provided critical expertise in developing the highly acclaimed radio and TV "free" communications operations for the Clinton for President campaign and 1992 general election campaign. During this time Richard continually demonstrated creativity, sincerity, loyalty, and a clear dedication to his work and to the President."
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