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Strauss Media Strategies has developed an innovative new strategy that enables you to extend the reach of your radio outreach efforts on the Internet.  Using cutting edge video recording and editing techniques, we will create a Video Podcast of your spokesperson discussing and explaining the key elements of your communications outreach campaign.  Video podcasts are generally one-to-five minutes in length.  The raw video footage can be shot as the spokesperson is being interviewed during a radio media tour, or during a separate recording session facilitated by Strauss Media staff. The video is then professionally edited by Strauss Media staff, and a finished product is presented for client review and approval. The finished video podcast then becomes your property.

The video can reside on your organization’s website and social media sites. Links to the video podcast can be circulated in several ways, such as through news releases, e-mail messages, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

A Strauss Media video podcast is an exciting, efficient, and inexpensive way to extend your radio outreach message further onto the Internet and social media applications. Video content is in increasing demand on websites, in general.  In fact, a recent survey by Arbitron (“The Infinite Dial: 2009”) found that 69 million Americans view online video in an average week.  A video podcast is a simple and effective way for you to target that audience with your message.


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