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Public Service Announcements can play an extremely important role in an overall radio communications plan. Strauss Media Strategies, Inc. has extensive background and experience in producing and distributing Public Service Announcements or PSAs. Our services include writing, recording, and final editing of PSA scripts.  We use only state-of-the-art digital recording equipment. We also have access to a professional voice talent bank to make sure your PSA has just the right sound.

Through an agreement with the ABC Radio Network, Strauss Media Strategies can deliver, via satellite, the PSA to more than 3,200 ABC radio stations throughout the United States. The relationship with ABC allows SRS to feed the audio material directly to the radio stations on the same satellite that they receive their news programming on.

Using the highest professional standards, Strauss Media Strategies produces copies of the PSA on compact discs and Mp3 audio files and distributes them to selected markets throughout the country. Strauss Media Strategies will coordinate producing, duplicating, packaging and labeling the discs with laser printed labels. Strauss Media Strategies can also handle all phases of distribution of the PSA to the targeted radio stations throughout the country.  Our constantly updated data bases include detailed information about every radio station in the country.  We can target your PSA campaign to specific markets, formats, and demographic groups. The ability to specifically target audiences by age, gender, race, ethnicity and other demographic factors is one of radio’s greatest strengths.

Our Latest Public Service Announcments
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Strauss Media Strategies wrote, produced and distributed a series of PSAs designed to inform the public about the International Diabetes Federation's “World Diabetes Day.The spokespeople for the PSA's included the Jonas Brothers and Danny Devito.

Listen to the 15 second Jonas Brothers Public Service Announcement:

Strauss Media Strategies developed a national PSA campaign to promote Caps' for Kids' "Wear Your Cap to School Day." The PSA featured Ryan Scheckler, a professional skateboarder, asking school kids to logon to and register their schools to help with the battle against cancer.

Listen to the 30 second Ryan Scheckler Public Service Announcement:

Strauss Media Strategies produced a PSA for the Sister Study. The Sister Study is the only long-term study of women aged 35-74 whose sister had breast cancer.  It is a national study to learn how environment and genes affect the chances of getting breast cancer. Elmer Huerta, American Cancer Society President, voiced the PSA.

Listen to the 60 second Public Service Announcement:

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