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With Radio Tour PLUS, Strauss Media Strategies arranges for the radio tour interviews to be set up as a conference call. The designated spokesperson calls into a single telephone number, rather than calling into individual radio outlets for the interviews. A Strauss Media Strategies team member is also on the phone line, along with an operator, who then calls out to the individual radio outlets and connects them with the spokesperson.

Beyond the simple convenience of using this system, the Radio Tour PLUS option is beneficial because it ensures that every interview is recorded and can be given back to the client. Through Radio Tour PLUS, it is also possible to have a number of other people on the phone line along with the spokesperson who can then listen to the interviews as they happen.

Strauss Media Strategies strongly recommends this option.

Please contact us to schedule your next Radio Media Tour Plus campaign.

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Dee Dee Myers

Former White House Press Secretary and Managing Director, Glover Park Group
"Richard Strauss set up countless radio interviews for me for more than three years. His broad knowledge of radio never failed to impress me, and his tenacity, creativity and sound strategic sense never failed to get results. I'm confident that Strauss Media Strategies, Inc. can provide a vital service to anyone who needs to get a message onto the airwaves."
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