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Radio reaches electronics and technology users
Every week, radio reaches 92% of those whose household plans to buy a DVR (TiVo, etc.) in the coming year.
Our extensive client list has continued to grow over the years and we take pride in the fact that many of our clients return to Strauss Media Strategies, Inc. time and time again when they see the need for radio and television strategy and outreach.

Whether it is a Fortune 500 company or a modest local non-profit, we take every client seriously and work with the utmost drive and enthusiasm to provide them with the professionalism and results that they deserve.

To see examples of our clients you can view our client list or explore the many different types of clients we represent.

Examples of our most recent work
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Strauss Media Strateies set up a comprehensive on-site radio booking operation for the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative. We set up a total of 45 radio interviews with 28 different spokespeople in attendance at the conference. Read more about our work for the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative
Strauss Media Strategies developed a comprehensive national radio campaign for the Environmental Defense Fund and Sanderson Strategies. We booked a total of 33 interviews. Of the 33 interviews, 29 were done live; the remaining 4 interviews were taped. Read more about our work for the 2010 Mike Richter Radio Tour
Strauss Media Strategies developed a national on-site radio campaign for the USCM's 83rd Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA in 2015. We set up a total of 97 interviews with 61 different mayors while on site with our expert radio booking team. Our bookings included 8 national news networks, 24 statewide news networks, and 65 interviews with local radio stations. Read more about our work for the 2015 USCM 83rd Annual Meeting


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Carrie Engel

Communications Coordinator, National Geographic Society
"I just got back from a meeting with our vice president of sales for National Geographic Society books and he let us know that a Barnes & Noble in Salt Lake City recently purchased 201 copies of Life in Color to sell in their stores. He specifically cited the radio tour for what caused this increase in sales so I wanted to let you know what a great job your team at Strauss Media Strategies did and how much we appreciate the help from your team. A purchase like that in a time when books are dying (especially during the holiday season when they are overrun with gift books) is amazing!"
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