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If your goal is to get your message out, Strauss Media Strategies, INC. knows how to do it

Radio Reaches 93% of All Consumers Every Week Despite increasing demands on our time, 93 percent of all Americans age 12 and older tune in to radio for information, entertainment or discussion over the course of each and every week!
Strauss Media Strategies takes each of its clients very seriously and will work with the utmost drive and enthusiasm to make sure its clients get the professionalism and results they deserve.

Our services include booking radio (radio media tours) and television (satellite media tours and television ground tours) interviews with talk show hosts and reporters on both national and local outlets.  Our television satellite media tour service delivers unparalleled excellence and we have a great track record of booking TV interviews with national networks such as CBS, CNBC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, and we have booked interviews with every local top-60 television market.

One of our specialties is providing on-site radio bookings at various conferences and events throughout the country. We also have extensive experience in recording and distributing audio sound bites, generating radio public service announcement campaigns, implementing radio station promotions, producing and buying radio advertising, and consulting on radio and television usage, strategy, and event planning. 

Strauss Media Strategies works with radio networks, stations, and shows specializing in business, computers, sports, politics, current events, nutrition, and health. In addition, Strauss Media Strategies works with networks, stations, and shows catering to the African American and Hispanic communities.


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Rebekah Taylor

Producer, Stephanie Miller Show
"Strauss Media Strategies has an excellent staff. They are always professional and courteous. I work with a lot of publicists, so when I say it, I truly mean it. Your Strauss Media staff stands out above the fray."
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