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Let STRAUSS Media STRATEGIES LEVERAGE OUR 25 YEARS OF BROADCAST EXPERIENCE TO PROVIDE the highest quality TELEVISION satellite media tour for your next project

Satellite Media Tours or SMT's are an excellent way to effectively  communicate a client's message. Our experienced and professional team has the ability and resources to harness our over 25 company years and some 260 staff years to provide our clients with television coverage by organizing and conducting a Satellite Media Tour (SMT). An SMT is an excellent broadcast outreach strategy when used either in tandem with a radio media tour or as a stand-alone service.


To date, our team has successfully booked over 3,000 local and network television interviews. We’ve booked interviews with national networks such as Fox News Edge, NBC News Channel, CBS News Path, CNN News Source, as well as with the Today Show, CNN, the NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, Fox & Friends, CBS’s Early Show, CNBC’s Squawk on the Street, Fox Business’ Varney and Company, and MSNBC’s Morning Joe, to name a few.


We’ve booked the ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates in virtually every local market including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Houston, Boston and Miami. In fact, we’ve booked television outlets in each of the top 100 U.S. markets.


While some firms continually lose interviews during their satellite media tours claiming technical glitches, station cancellations, timing issues, etc., at Strauss Media Strategies, when we book an SMT interview, we have a 99-percent success rate of that interview happening. This is due to our meticulous and very detailed planning and lead-up to the SMT as well as our perfected day-of confirmation process.

For our satellite media tours, we are able to provide a full-service studio, full technical support, production team, make-up artist, catering, satellite uplink, b-roll, tracking, dedicated producer, and any other incidentals needed to make the SMT a success for our client. Specifically during COVID, our team has conducted dozens and dozens of satellite media tours with the guest located remotely and usually in the comfort of their own home.

We have conducted SMTs in-studio as well as on-site utilizing portable studio equipment and a satellite uplink truck. We can also arrange for the guest to travel to a particular station or network studio for the SMT. Interviews can be done live, recorded-as-live, or taped and recorded for later use.

As with all of our projects, the client will be furnished with a comprehensive final report when the SMT is completed, listing all of the stations and networks that were booked along with complete audience information. We can also provide a DVD summary of your tour and your report will include all screen shots from television station websites, providing added value to your overall SMT project.

We have the insight and contacts to make your next satellite media tour a huge success and to secure those difficult bookings that others may not be able to get. Please call us or e-mail us at info[at] to inquire about your next SMT project.


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Please contact us to schedule a Satellite Media Tour.

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Trae Bodge

Former Senior Editor & Head of Broadcast,
"I enjoy working with the Strauss Media team a great deal. We do monthly SMT/RMT’s with them as well as periodic RMT’s and I find the team to be enthusiastic and upbeat (both of which are key during a long SMT!), while also being professional, hardworking and tenacious. I work with them closely on a daily basis and I am happy to say that it is always a pleasure."
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