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An Audio News Release usually consists of newsworthy information about a timely issue, upcoming event or interesting news feature

An audio news release, or ANR, is an audio news package that takes the form of a radio news story, but the message is controlled by the client.  Strauss Media Strategies, Inc. has had extensive experience in writing, producing and distributing ANRs on behalf of hundreds of clients.  

Our staff brings extensive experience as writers within the radio news industry to the task of creating ANRs, and our digital recording and editing facilities ensure the highest quality.

Soundbites, or actualities, recorded by Strauss Media Strategies staff, are usually included as part of an ANR.  We have access to an extensive group of top-flight professional voice talent to give your ANR the sound that you desire.

Once the ANR is written, produced, recorded and given a final edit, it is distributed to radio outlets across the country.  Strauss Media Strategies has special arrangements with national radio networks such as ABC Radio and CBS Radio for general distribution of ANRs across the country. In addition we can provide guaranteed broadcast of an ANR on three national networks and more than thirty state networks.  And, if it meets the needs of a specific campaign, the Strauss Media Strategies staff can directly pitch the ANR to targeted radio stations in all areas of the country.  Our services also include Spanish-language ANR services.

Our Latest Audio News Releases
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Strauss Media Strategies produced and distributed an Audio News Release for AARP to help emphasized the importance of reallocation of Long Term Care funding from institutions to private homes and communities.

Listen to the ANR:

Strauss Media Strategies produced and distributed an Audio News Release for the American Legacy Foundation.  The ANR discussed the effects of the economic downturn on the smoking habits of attempted quitters.

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Strauss Media Strategies produced and distributed an Audio News Release for the International Diabetes Federation.  The ANR focused on World Diabetes day and diabetes in children and adolescents.

Listen to the ANR:

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Joana Casas

National Manager, Media Relations, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
"You couldn’t have been more professional and knowledgeable handling and securing interviews for us with outlets and shows we would never have even thought of! It was as if one of our own team members was in charge! In fact, we’ve had chapters from all over the country report back to me that they heard the interview with Dan Raviv on CBS Radio Network. I have to say that in all my years managing Children’s Congress, this is the first time that radio has gone so well. I’m glad that your team took our concerns about spotty bookings and inaccurate reporting seriously, and we didn’t once have to question the quality of the interviews booked. I look forward to working with your team again in the near future!"
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