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If you want your message to be heard, someone has to listen to it!

Radio is portable. Radio is free. Radio is adaptable. Radio is inclusive. In this age of ever changing communications technology, research tells us that radio remains one of the most efficient and effective ways of communicating a message to the public. Arbitron Corporation research tells us that more than nine out of ten people listen to the radio for several hours every week. And, in the words of a well known slogan, "Radio is the in Air Everywhere". From small town community radio outlets to huge national networks, radio reaches target audiences that reach across all demographic profiles, and precise audience measurement techniques allow for very specific targeting of your message.

Radio’s reach remains strong. The Radio Advertising Bureau reports in 2020 that there are a total of 15,445 commercial radio stations operating in the United States. According to the November 2020 Nielsen Total Audience Report, radio reaches 90% of persons aged 25-54 and radio is America's number one reach medium. According to the Nielsen Audio Report in December of 2020, this represents a total of more than 237-million individual weekly listeners aged 12+.

Radio delivers great demographics. Arbitron weekly listening research found that radio reaches more than 95% of adults with annual incomes of $75,000 or more, and radio reaches more than 94% of college graduates during a typical week.

Time Spent Listening. People listen, listen, and listen. The RADAR 147 December 2020 study found that pople aged 12 and over spend an average of over 2.5 hours listening to traditional radio each week.

Radio is an on-ramp to the internet. Radio seamlessly interfaces with the internet and social media in numerous ways. Streaming radio has become a routine part of millions of user's lives through computers, internet radios, and PDAs. A study by Edison Research and Arbitron, "The Infinite Dial 2020" found that 60% of people have listend to traditional radio online in the last week. News reports and interviews that are carried on radio stations often also end up featured on radio station websites and those websites can deliver a large bonus audience.

People are passionate about radio. A summary statement in "The Infinite Dial" study says it all. The researchers concluded, "Radio continues to be perceived as central to people's lives, especially when contrasted with the precipitous decline by other traditional media."

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