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Collectively, our team brings more than 160 years of broadcast experience and judgment to our clients. With offices in Washington, DC, New York City, Los Angeles, Detroit, Raleigh, and Denver, our team works diligently to produce the best possible results tailored to each individual client.

Our team is also experienced in working with established communications teams in order to build a strategy and message that is a best fit for each of our clients.

Richard Strauss, President
Widely regarded by both the PR industry and political insiders to be the nation's premier expert on radio and television public relations and political communication, Richard Strauss, brings over 35 years of radio and television experience to the firm.

Other Team Members:
Raul Martinez, Managing Director
David Sands, Account Manager
Sherry Perez, Account Manager
Sam Glazer, Senior Account Executive
Mike Phillips, Senior Account Executive
Alisa Zee, Senior Account Executive
Darci Marchese, Senior Account Executive
Schuyler “Sky” Nelson, Account Executive
Amy Knight, Account Executive
Kristen Beatty, Account Executive
Chandni Singhvi, Assistant Account Executive




Strauss Media Strategies, Inc.
National Press Building
529 14th Street, NW, Suite 1163
Washington, DC 20045
[P] (202) 638-0200
[F] (202) 638-0400
[E] info@straussmedia.com
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Elena Temple

Director of Communications, U.S. Conference of Mayors
“Strauss Media makes it so easy for your organization to shine.  Why wouldn’t anyone use them?!”
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